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HI, i have been looking for a a community like this.

What is your name? Julie

When was your child born? March 23,2001

Was it a c-section or vaginal birth? Vaginal

Child's name (first name only if you feel comfortable)? Elizabeth

How many hours were you in labor? 4 hours, my plug went at 11:00PM, my water broke at 12:00AM
she was born at 3:00AM

What are some of the battles that you have had? which ones haven't we had!! lol.
the bottle was kinda hard, but i broke her of it in the hospital. She has a bad milk allergy,
so food has been a bad battle, still kinda is. but i think i have gotten off the chicken nuggets, Now we eat subway, if we eat out. she is in a daycare-preschool. so i have been fighting bad habits that she has been picking up from the other kids.
and now the battle that has brought me here!
Things in the mouth, she has now started chewing her finger nails. if she can put it in her mouth she will. we had a big fight tonight because she is eating pencil erasers.
i cant really take the pencils away because her teacher want her to practice making letters.
she has never sucked her thumb, or a binky.
i have told her that if she doesnt not stop it i will put hot sauce, on it. but i don't have the heart to do it.
PLEASE if anyone has any ideal on how to stop this, please let me know.
I want to stop this, before she gets worms.
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