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Heidi the Mighty

My 4 1/2 yr old's speech therapy

Robert had his first speech therapy apt, the one his Doctor wanted to have happen at his 4 1/2 yr old WCC. Well, I was happy to finally have it, as they have canceled quite a few times, and because of funds, I had to cancel once.

Anyways, his therapist is really nice, and her name is Victoria.
She started it off asking me some of my concerns, and what I have noticed if anything besides what the doctor put in her chartnotes. Well, just having Robert talk to her, she decided to do a language test, to see how well he would score on that. He tested at 3 year old level. The articulation, however, was perfect as far as where he should be. So I guess that's good.
Next came comprehension... Well, he got very irritated with her during some points of the test, not sure if he was bored, or didn't understand he wishes, but he did so far score a 3 1/2 year old level. She is going to finish that test in 2 weeks, as Robert was done, and didn't want to continue.

She gave me information on early intervention that our area has, that if he qualifies, will give us government funded childcare that is made especially for children with learning disabilities. She asked if Robert's hearing had ever been tested, as he speaks and understands only certain words, and yes, it has by an Audiologist, as he had failed the test his pediatrician gave him, so we know it's not his hearing. John thinks Robert may have brain damage from the time we found his blue in car seat, and we don't know how long he went without oxygen. I, myself, don't care how it happened, just want to make Robert comfortable, and able to learn comfortably. :)

Anyone having a situation similiar to this?
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