Sandra (bluemoon1130) wrote in babies_2001,

My name is Sandra and I have a daughter that was born on the Blue Moon in 2001 (November 30). We named her Anna Blue after the Blue Moon. She is now 4 1/2 years old and just welcomed home a baby brother. She is very jealous, and does not understand that the baby is too young to do some things, and she wakes him up when he is sleeping. She also doesn't understand breastfeeding and it really gets annoying trying to explain it to her everytime. Any suggestions for me? I try to keep my patience, but everytime she sees a boob she asks if the baby is going to kiss my boob or something like that. I explain it to her gently everytime that this is how the baby gets his nourishment, etc. I love her, but my patience is wearing thin because of the lack of sleep!
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